• Vision & Strategy rollout plan
  • Start journey to First Summit
  • Deploy Essential Climbing Tools
  • Check on Climbing Tools:
    1. Talent Assessment
    2. Results Ownership Structure
    3. Scramble Rocks due
    4. Core Values finalized
    5. One-Year Growth Plan second look
    6. Connect the dots
  • Review Strategic Vision & Execution Plan
  • Purpose: Why we exist V1.0
  • Flywheel First Draft
  • Strategy Square
    1. Core Business
    2. Brand Promises
    3. One-Phrase Strategy
    4. Mindshare Words
  • WIN The Week! Scoreboard
  • FAST Rocks to the First Summit aligned with Annual Growth Plan
  • Plan to engage entire team: Share Vision & Plan, Roll out Daily Stand-up & Weekly Tactical to your teams
  • Review Bedrock Tools
  • Next Steps? Set dates for the next year. Recap who does what?
  • Break camp. Head out as one team starting an amazing journey towards our first summit!
  • Get Ahead of the Game: Playbooks